Solitary Retreats


“Look in yourself for the strength full of purpose, the faith in your own regeneration. Your own divinity awaits. Make an effort to find it and to realize it”.

Kalu Rinpoche

Oseling has several retreat huts available, each one has its own unique charm but all provide comfortable accommodation, clean and simple. In this simplicity is possible to find very attractive aspects that help to cultivate the qualities of a spacious mind

Each retreat hut is well equipped with all that is needed: a bed, a meditation space, an altar, a shelf, running water, a gas stove to cook and a wooden stove to keep warm, a toilet and shower and a small terrace to admire the incredible views. Some huts are ensuite and others have the toilet outside, in the main cortijo there is a toilet and shower complex with hot water. Some huts don ́t have electricity so candles are provided.

We follow a vegetarian diet (we use eggs and dairy sometimes). Each day a basket is prepared with lunch, dinner and next day ́s breakfast. If you follow a specific Buddhist practice, please bring the things you need, such as a brocade cloth for the altar, offering bowls, deity pictures etc.

At the end of your retreat, we gratefully hope that you leave the hut clean and in order and if applicable, inform us of any breakages that need to be paid.


To book the retreat huts there is a minimum stay of one week and it ́s necessary to have a solid meditation background, a teacher and his or her advice to complete the retreat.


It ́s advisable to book well in advance since we only have a limited number of retreat huts. To confirm the booking we ask for a deposit of 100€, the rest is payable on arrival.
O Sel Ling is a non profit centre, our aim is to make this place and our courses accessible to all. The income we receive from the meditators is mainly used to cover the centre ́s expenses such as food and maintenance.


We understand that things change that ́s why it ́s possible to get a refund of the deposit as along as we are notified at least 2 weeks in advance.

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