The Wheel of Life -The six realms in you

How can the wheel of samsara teach and help us?

What are the pitfalls and the specific possibilities to become an “awakened’” open person?

The Tibetan Wheel of Life shows us in drawings, how we create karma.

How we get entangled in repetitive patterns; in which emotional realms (loka’s) we wander and which opportunities there are to get free. The six realms are states of mind in our personality. In this retreat you are invited to experience and discover, in a caring way, which state of mind(s) you recognize most in yourself, in which way you do this in your day to day life and how you can change these attitudes.

We will do this through lectures, meditation, Tibetan yoga, light bodywork and small exercises in pairs.

In the morning and late afternoon plus part of the evening we will be together. Silence and rest between sessions will help you to stay connected with yourself and let everything settle and fall on it’s place.

Course facilitated by Maria Maes

Maria Maes got inspired by Tibetan Buddhism 30 years ago. She came to Oseling and spent here one year, since then she comes back every year.

She returned to Holland and went to a school, where she learned how to bring spirituality into her practical personal life. This she integrates with great enthusiasm in her work as a social worker, therapist and teacher


17 Aug 2020 - 21 Aug 2020


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